Neck Pain Physical Therapy Glen Rock, NJ

Neck Pain Physical Therapy in Glen Rock, NJ

Are you in need of neck pain physical therapy in Glen Rock, NJ? Complete Care Physical Therapy specializes in neck pain physical therapy in Glen Rock, NJ. Our physical therapy practice is owned and operated by dedicated Physical Therapists who have been practicing since 1996. This means that you will receive specialized care from knowledgeable, experienced professionals who understand your unique circumstance. At Complete Care Physical Therapy, we espouse a hands-on, one-on-one approach where the needs of our patients come first. We provide personal care, first and foremost pursuing the highest functional level of our patients. Our team of dedicated Physical Therapists are here to preserve and restore function after an injury or post-surgery.

Radiculopathy is a condition in which one or more nerves are affected by irritation - typically caused by compression. This compression causes pain, numbness, or weakness along the course of the nerve. When compressed, a nerve will lose function. Likewise, you may experience pain in the arms or legs, some patients experience symptoms far away from the actual location of the compressed nerve. It is important to note that symptoms can vary widely, causing slight to severe pain in a person experiencing a compressed nerve.

There are many causes to neck pain, including:

  • Repetitive motions or holding your body in one positions for long periods of time
  • Injury / Sports related injury
  • Water and weight gain associated with pregnancy
  • Genetic predisposition to conditions leading to compressed nerves
  • Diabetes

Our passionate team of physical therapists are as determined as you are to restore your health, function, and quality of living. We achieve this by monitoring and evaluating our neck pain treatment methods, evolving our practices and methods as innovation and technological advances allow us to. Because we seek optimal results in all of our patients, we ensure the quality of our services over the quantity of clients we assist. This method allows us to focus on you and your progress, creating individualized physical therapy treatments tailored to your unique condition, taking into account your age, lifestyle, medical conditions, and energy levels to promote healthy recovery.

Complete Care Physical Therapy will assist you back to pain-free living. We believe that our specialized neck pain physical therapy treatments give our patient's greater success rates within our caring atmosphere. When visiting us for physical therapy, we provide more individualized time with each patient to establish a caring, therapeutic atmosphere focused on your recovery. At Complete Care Physical Therapy, we understand that each of our clients experience unique life circumstances. As such, we offer flexible scheduling to ensure you receive the physical therapy necessary to enable positive results. We believe that our specialized physical therapy treatment scheduling and plans give our patient's greater success rates within our caring atmosphere because of our dedication and professionalism. We will develop a plan that is most effective for your speedy recovery and continued health.

For more information about neck pain physical therapy in Glen Rock, NJ, call Complete Care Physical Therapy at (201) 773-0404.

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Neck Pain Physical Therapy Glen Rock, NJ